The poster design concentrates on the quality of classical music featuring a somewhat sophisticated vibe and adopts a clean and minimalist monochrome palette thus making the poster appeal elegant and solid. The main upper layer is the title of the concert, the middle one is about the venue and the lower layers tell about the artist and line-up.


My goal is to design a classic poster with an elegant appearance focusing on efficiency yet displaying the mood of the genre. I will like to balance the attractivity features to be readable while also simple. To achieve this, I choose Classical music as my genre based on the fact that I believe the music history behind every piece and composer in classical music is super interesting. The genre in general resonates with a sophisticated vibe and elegance.


Designer Editor


Photoshop Illustrator


2020 Completed
The popular Beethoven poster designed by Josef Muller-Brock was my first inspiration as it is most known for its clean typography, simple design and geometric shapes. The design was carefully planned imagery with clear typography. The use of black and white created a harmony that is reflected in Beethoven’s music. One interesting discovery from my preliminary research was that most Beethoven posters designed by other designers were inspired by Josef Muller-Brock’s design.
Type Face: The combination of the fonts, Proto Grotesk and Caviar Dreams both “San Serif” functioned as a refreshing conjunctive to the usual look of a Beethoven poster. The typeface was clean and precise which allows for the message to be read. Colour Palette: The monochromatic palette of this poster is also inspired by one of the main areas of work of Beethoven’s designs. In this way, I use the characteristic of dark blue and its shades to portray an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
Piano Keyboard: My first design step was the piano keyboard, using a key factor from Beethoven’s previous posters, I created a rectangle as a geometric shape placed on each other and by simply depicting the rectangle in dark and white tone, I was able to come with an optical illusion of a piano keyboard.