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Designs & Logos

I have created logos and designs both for clients and for personal use. To create a design I first draw them out on paper then I design and edit them using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. check out some of my designs 


I like to create magazine designs during my spare time. I create these magazines using Adobe Indesign, i edit them using adobe photoshop. 

My first experience creating a  Magazine was a design I did for the company Branxel. it was the first time I used my graphic design skills to design a magazine. I loved the experience and had fun making it. This gave me the idea to create more. 

Artwork and Paintings

I am a digital artist, I paint using programs such as clip studio, Procreate and sometimes illustrator and photoshop.  I like working with colours and shapes to create artwork.  


I like recording and creating videos. To record my video I use cameras and sometimes my phone. I edit my videos using Premier pro. I have produced two documentaries so far, i intend to produce more. Check out the trailer for my documentaries.