2020 Completed

My Role

Graphic designer 






The magazine is a premier publication dedicated to showcasing the pinnacle of luxury design, architecture, and urban living. It offers readers a captivating journey into the realm of art, design, architecture, and hospitality, allowing them to delve into the most compelling creative projects and remarkable individuals from across the globe.


The magazine is carefully crafted to fulfil its primary purpose, which is to serve as a powerful tool for promoting exceptional experiences, innovative projects, and exquisite products that embody the values of beauty, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Its main objective is to provide a platform for exploring the ever-evolving landscape of design, both in the present reality and the promising future.

Colour Palette

The colours I using are calm and minimalistic using softer and lighter colours. I believe that the light colour togetherness will be used to underline the minimalistic creative approach of the magazine. The light colour base mixed with light grey blotches will create an airy and weightless atmosphere of creativity and inspiration. 

The target audience for this magazine is urban adults aged 25 – 54 who are highly influential, enhance intellectually with high disposable income and vast spending power to travel the world frequently.

Spacing and clean typography were very important for me, the font of the main title and a few other headings will be bold as that relates to the target audience to be aimed at. I will also be using fonts such as San Serif e.g. Merriweather and Lato so the writing is clear and concise as well as being a font that is able to compliment the idea of the magazine.

This layout is for my ”People of Design” article. I found this spread quite challenging to design as it looks too busy after designing, taking away the minimal feel of the design. I played around with the image and the text arrangement before concluding on increasing the background image, I also used some space at the top of the text and a large colourful heading so it remains constant with the minimalist feel of the magazine