Drill Music and Its Influence on London Knife Crimes

For my University dissertation, I produced a documentary titled “Drill music and its influence on London knife crimes” the documentary focus on the links between Drill music and London Knife crimes. I recorded the documentary using a 4K camera and I edit the clips using Premiere pro. I also created a website for the documentary where I uploaded my research.


My dissertation was a research study. The research study aims to find out the contribution of drill music towards weapons relating to crimes in London.


Editor, Producer, Director


Premiere Pro,

4K Camera, 




2022, Completed.

For this project, I conduct Primary and Secondary Research. I research factors that contributed to Knife crimes in London and the UK.

Knife Crime Epidemic:

Knife crime is rising at an alarming 14% a year across the country. With 30% of national knife crime occurring in London, the majority is thought to be related to street violence (34%) and robbery (42%)

Here is the trailer for the Documentary.

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