2021 Completed

My Role

Graphic designer 

Research and conceptualization




Lidia lopez Lens

Client Background

The photography agency client aims to create a distinct brand identity within the photography industry. To achieve this, they have initiated the development of a unique logo that will embody their company and differentiate them from their competitors.


I have commissioned a project to create a logo for a photography agency that presented an exciting opportunity to develop a visual identity system that would effectively differentiate the agency from its competitors. The main objective was to design a logo that captured the agency’s core values and conveyed a sense of strength and modernity, while also ensuring its versatility across various mediums and spaces

Here are the preliminary draft sketches provided by the client.

This was the client’s favourite sketch. The client wanted me to design this to see if it matches their brand.

After creating a sketch using Illustrator, I decided to evaluate its compatibility with the client’s brand. However, upon review, I realized that the design did not accurately represent the essence and values of the client’s brand. Consequently, I decided against proceeding with the idea, as it would not align with the client’s desired brand identity.