I have a deep passion for painting and the art of working with vibrant colors. As a digital artist, I specialize in utilizing digital mediums to create my masterpieces. To bring my artistic vision to life, I employ a variety of powerful tools such as Clip Studio, Procreate, and Photoshop. My artistic style can be described as contemporary, reflecting the current trends and influences of the art world. Within this style, I channel my creativity into painting captivating portraits and crafting thought-provoking abstract images.


2022 Completed

My Role

Digital Artist, Painter 

Exhibition designer.



Clip Studio Paint

International Women's Day.

I was commissioned by my university to create artwork commemorating International Women’s Day. In this project, I painted four remarkable women of color who have had a profound impact on society. These women were carefully selected because they have been a source of inspiration for countless individuals, enlightening the world about the essence of womanhood. Utilizing Clip Studio Paint, I meticulously crafted these artworks, which are currently displayed in an exhibition at my university.

Here is a quick video of the exhibition.

Other artworks